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Design & Development

Design & Development

Research & Development

Footwear is no longer just a functional necessity, but rather, something that is flaunted as a fashion statement. A good shoe should have both, Comfort and Style and it should adjust to your feet with every step. To survive this test of time, it is always necessary to keep abreast with the changing market trends and to innovate new and fresh ones. Therefore, Research and Development is a key area of operations at Lakhani Armaan. Latest trends and technological innovations are researched extensively in the process of creating new products and designs.




The VISION inspired Lakhani Armaan Group ensures strict adherence to quality standard at each and every stage of operation. The group has translated its commitment to quality into clear objectives where strategies and plans are shared by the entire organization.



Footwear Technology is evolving at an amazing speed. Better and updated technology is the key to the quality and enhanced productivity. Lakhani Armaan Group blends premium material and advanced technology to produce footwear of international standards. The group has pioneered in latest footwear technologies like PU, EVA etc.



Fashion Trends

The company conducts detailed research on the current and upcoming footwear trends being followed globally in order to produce latest product range that appeals to the customers and gives them trendy options in footwear.

Footwear fashion is evolving with every passing year and it is our endeavor to combine comfort with style and offer a premium range of footwear products to the domestic as well as international market.

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