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The 5 Best Footwear For This Monsoon
The 5 Best Footwear For This Monsoon
  • Summer’s almost done and it’s time to gear up for the monsoon!

    The long sultry days and stifling hot nights will soon give way to deliciously cool rains. The thirsty earth will breathe once again and rejoice in the heavenly showers. But, as we poor city-dwellers know, along with the relief and joy comes the nightmare of slushy roads, muddy pavements and rainwater filled potholes. Getting to work, going to the market, or just hanging with friends to play football needs more careful preparation, especially when it comes to a choice of sensible footwear. It is time to put away the smart leather and cool canvas shoes. Expensive leather shoes tend to get damaged from exposure to moisture, while canvas shoes get soaked easily and may lead to foot diseases from prolonged use, not to mention the discomfort of staying with wet shoes for hours! So select footwear made of synthetic materials or those with strong rubber outsoles. Rubber has the added advantage of keeping you from slipping and injuring yourself. Lakhani Shoes has the perfect solution for your monsoon woes with their wide range of colourful, trendy, and comfortable shoes and slippers.

    You can now glide through waterlogged streets without worrying about having the world slide out from under your feet!
    Following is a list of the five best footwear for the rainy season:

  • Hawai

    Lakhani has a tremendous range of Hawai slippers, which are meant for all seasons, but will be ideal for monsoon. They are made of rubber and are the first choice for men, women, and kids. They come in a variety of vibrant hues and patterns and will add a ‘splash’ of colour to any outfit. Now you don’t have to worry about your kids jumping into puddles! They are also easy to wash after a muddy foray to the local grocery store.

  • PU Series

    The extensive PU collection from Lakhani offers all the style and comfort of leather with none of the associated worries of damaging them in the rains. They are water-resistant, skid-proof and will look good equally at family gatherings as well as work. Men should check out the Coolak collection, while ladies can avail of the Madam Liza series of PU footwear, which are chic, colourful and easy to maintain.

  • Sports

    Lakhani’s sports shoes are tough and trendy and are a natural choice for your little Ronaldo (or Kohli)-in-the-making! The carefully-crafted and lab-tested outsoles provide excellent traction on wet and slippery outfields. The Touch Sports series for men and Madam Touch for women are ideal for walking, jogging and other physical activities – don’t let the weather keep you from staying fit! Sandals: Strappy sandals keep the feet firmly in place and prevent the sandals from slipping off, especially if one is wading through waterlogged streets. They are durable and easy to clean. Outdoor: Lakhani’s Touch Outdoor Camel collection for men is designed for rugged all-weather wear and will add a touch of class to any outfit.

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