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The Introduction of Ergonomic Engineering in Running and Jogging Shoes
The Introduction of Ergonomic Engineering in Running and Jogging Shoes

The applied science of equipment designing has witnessed a never-before advancement in the past few years. This science is called ergonomics. Through the use of this technology, workplaces are getting more productive with a drastic reduction in people’s fatigue, irritation, and discomfort. The term ergonomics is also called:

  • Biotechnology
  • Human engineering, and
  • Human factors engineering.

Today, be it jogging shoes for men or women various reputed sports shoes brands have already started making use of ergonomics engineering in the manufacturing of their products. Ergonomics is all about the fitment of something as per the movement of individuals or the users of a particular product in a certain environment.

Ergonomic engineering takes into account a large number of things such as a user’s capabilities and limitations while making sure that the tasks someone undertakes, functions that someone performs, and environment that someone works in, everything suits best to the user.  

Ergonomics is a multidisciplinary field

Heavily used by reputed sport shoes brands for manufacturing sports and jogging shoes for men and women, ergonomics is a multidisciplinary field that incorporates significant contributions from: 

  • Psychology
  • Engineering
  • Biomechanics
  • Mechanobiology
  • Industrial design
  • Graphic design
  • Statistics
  • Operations research and anthropometry. 

In a nutshell, ergonomics is the study of designing a wide range of equipment as well as devices keeping in view the human body’s cognitive abilities. 

A research-based paradigm shift in manufacturing

Running every day or even 3 times a week brings you some incredible health benefits that can save you from alleviating stress levels while boosting up overall morale. But during this exercise, most people often start suffering from various problems such as sprains, blistering and joint pains. Various recently concluded studies on running and jogging shoes for men, women, and children have brought about a paradigm shift in the manufacturing of running shoes in contemporary markets. 

Promoting the natural way of running 

Reputed sport shoes brands both in India and abroad are focusing on manufacturing shoes that support a natural way of running. Natural running means as if you have no shoes on your feet while running. The shoes that are manufactured ergonomically make the runner feel that he or she has no running shoes at all on their feet. The way modern shoes have changed the style of running and jogging benefits the runners in many health-related issues in the long run.

There are so many factors involved with running and jogging shoes

 Common runners often subject their feet to the impact of around 2.5 times of their overall body weight, therefore they need a pair of running shoes that can withstand that particular pressure while extending the required support to the feet with perfect fitment. Without a proper understanding of different factors associated with jogging shoes for men and women, finding a perfect pair of shoes can be a very intriguing process.   

Characteristics of ideal jogging shoes for men and women 


The tongue plays a very important role in protecting the runner’s foot from direct contact with the laces. The specially created insole liner in ergonomically made shoes increases the cushioning while minimizing the friction created. The liner is often removable and can be easily replaced to decrease the chances of any injury caused during running or jogging.  


The heel is what determines the durability and stability of any pair of jogging shoes for men, women, and children. Any pair of running shoes that has an overly flexible heel often drastically lacks sufficient resistance to overpronation, and as a result, can cause certain injuries related to femoral torsion as well as tibia. 


The midsole is a very important part of any ideal pair of jogging shoes for men and women, manufactured by the leading standard and sport shoes brands. The midsoles are generally constructed using EVA which is well-known as an excellent shock absorber. An ideal midsole is neither too soft nor too hard providing the joggers and runners with a great mobility experience. On the other hand, the flared midsoles promote very fast and excessive pronation, and therefore, need to be avoided by the runners.    


In the shoe manufacturing industry, last refers to the technique that is utilized to combine the upper sole to the midsole. Running or jogging shoes are often slip-lasted in which the upper is directly glued into the sole. No doubt this method promotes flexibility in jogging shoes for men and women but at the same time reduces stability. 

Major injuries associated with the way you run or walk

Types of injuries common to overpronation include Achilles tendonitis, arch pain, knee pain, rigid big toe, hip, and lower back pain. Types of injuries common to supinators include Iliotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis. 

Ideal features to look for in running and jogging shoes

The appropriate design for the terrain

Considering the terrain is the most important factor while looking for running or jogging shoes for men and women. It determines whether you need a pair of shoes for road running or trail running. 

Perfect fit for the foot

A perfect fit is also very important because a wrong fit can cause a large number of foot problems such as blistering, sprained ankle, and chafing. 

 Accommodation for pronation

The runners who opt for running shoes with a normal arch always show neutral pronation. On the other hand, those who have low arch often tend to show overpronation. To determine your own pronation best, you should take note of the wear patterns of your old shoes.  

Concluding Remarks

Now you can easily understand that there lies a complete science in an ideal pair of running or jogging shoes for men and women. Various reputed sports shoe brands in India are manufacturing running and jogging shoes making use of ergonomic technology that focuses on the human body’s cognitive abilities. You can choose from a wide range of running shoes either online or offline as per your convenience. If you keep in mind the tips described in this post, you will be able to choose simply the best pair of running or jogging shoes. 


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