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8 Secrets to Buying the Best Women Running Shoes
8 Secrets to Buying the Best Women Running Shoes

High-quality running or sports shoes can inspire anybody to attempt a great exercise session. Quality always matters when it comes to taking on any running regimen. Inappropriate shoes will never take you far in your mission. Rather they can create a large number of problems. Some of them include blisters and various other serious injuries. So, you need to be extra cautious while buying any type of men or sport shoes for women.

This blog brings some expert tips to help you settle for a good pair of running or sports shoes:

Ditch recommendations from your dear and near ones

People often get tempted by the belongings of their near and dear ones. Sometimes they offer you free advice to go for something particular. But, when buying the best women running shoes, you need to avoid any such advice or recommendations. It is because what suits others might not suit you. Also, go for running shoes as per the exacting configuration of your feet.

Try at least two or three pairs before buying

Comfort comparison is one of the most important processes. You need to try at least 2 or 3 pairs before finalizing one. In case you are new to running, you must consider the following:

  • Buy sports shoes that are lightweight
  • Make sure the sole is super thin
  • Buy one pair that has a little bit thicker sole with ample sturdiness
  • Make sure each pair is comfortable enough to support your running regimen.

You can figure out what’s best only when narrowing down a large number of pairs.

Don't rely upon the salespeople much for foot assessment

Most of the salespeople in the shoe showrooms use too-good-to-be-true gizmos for your foot assessment. You don’t have to rely upon them much to get the perfect shoes. Gait assessment is truly a difficult task. Even real scientists cannot do that perfectly. Wrong assessment can lead to reduced performance and risk of injuries. So, you need to focus on the following:

  • First of all, focus on comfort
  • Determine foot assessment on your own to the maximum
  • You must try more than 2 or 3 pairs of shoes
  • Buy the pair only when you are satisfied with the shoes.

Run before you buy

Various studies have revealed that running is the least comfortable activity. It is because walking and standing don’t need more stamina than running. And, it is very difficult to assess any shoes without a test drive. So, buy sports shoes after taking a test run. Experts suggest that you should run at least for 2-3 minutes before selecting any pair of men or women running shoes.


Color does make a difference

It might come to you as a surprise. But it is true that colors also matter when it comes to determining the best men or women running shoes. Shoe manufacturers make use of carbon rubber to make the black soles. And this is the reason black soles are heavy, durable, and reliable. On the contrary, the soles in white and a large number of other colors contain blown rubber. This type of material is softer, lightweight, and lower in density. It also contains a sufficient amount of air.

So, now you have got the idea of which color you have to go for. You also need to take note of the surface you run on. In case it is of asphalt or concrete, it will cause more wear and tear to your shoes. You must go for shoes with black soles to combat this situation. The colored sole would prove to be fruitful if you run on the:

  • Padded track
  • Treadmill
  • Grass, and
  • Dirt trail.

Cushy shoes – not a great choice always

Super-soft soled men or women running shoes provide more flexibility to your joints. Thus you can make better movements during your running regimen. However, such shoes might not work in a better way for your stride. So, always try to pair with different cushioning levels. For this, you have to judge what feels best.

Your safety net isn't cushioning — it's control

When you run off-road, you are likely to have more twisting in the ankles. However, your safety is always concerned with control, and not cushioning. This is why super-stable sneakers don’t prove to be fruitful for trail-runners. Thus, minimalist-style men or women's running shoes provide the required support to your foot. These shoes help them adapt to an uneven surfaces.

Don’t go for shoes that are too good to fit

This might come to you as a stunning surprise, but it is true. You don’t have to buy sports shoes that are too good to fit. You must remember that you swell when you cover longer distances. This condition calls for shoes that can accommodate that swelling. Experts suggest that you need a pair of men or women's running shoes that is a little bit larger than your actual fitment. Most people buy sports shoes that fit their size. Thus, they face a lot of swelling and even injuries during their running regimen.

There is always a big difference between a normal walking session and an exhaustive running session. Your body reacts in a different way when you take up an exhaustive exercise session. You need to choose a little bit larger shoes for covering ultra-long distances. So, if you want to take up exhaustive running sessions, then go for a little bit larger shoes.

Concluding Remarks

Mens Sports Shoes or women running shoes play a pivotal role in the success of your exercise regimen. You need to buy sport shoes that offer premium comfort and unmatched functionalities. Lakhani Footwear Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned name in shoe manufacturing in India. The company offers a wide array of shoes under various brands and categories. Today, it is one of the most trusted footwear brands in the industry. It has been providing its customers with durable products for decades. The company provides its products both online and offline. It has a strong dealer network across the country.

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