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5 things to consider before buying a pair of running shoes
5 things to consider before buying a pair of running shoes
  • Is running your favorite work out?

    Congrats you are on the right track to stay fit. As an ideal mix of cardio and body strengthening, running is one of the best exercises without any equipment.

  • But when was the last time you paid attention to your running shoes?

    We often take our running shoes too casually. If not paid timely attention, wearing wrong shoes may lead to serious injuries. More than style and color, running shoes need to offer your feet the protection against work out.First things First: Never run in a worn out pair of shoes, especially if they were used by someone else.

    Let us run through the top 5 questions you must ask yourself before buying running shoes:

  • ✓ What is your running routine?

    Whether you are a marathon runner or a beginner, your running shoes will be differ from each other. As a beginner, your feet and ankles are tender enough and need more cushion and support. In case you are a marathon runner and already made the right pick, make sure when you scale up from 5K to 10K, you look for a pair that gives you stability and comfort for the extra miles you are planning to cover.

  • ✓ Are you suffering any muscle injury?

    After an injury, a regular runner gets very eager to get back to his routine. Hold on to your horse. Before you hit those tracks take your doctor’s advice on your running schedule. Chuck your last used pair of shoes as they may not be right for your current health. Pick the one that gives you more cushion and if the injury is on foot, be extra cautious that the shoe does not press on the soft spot.

  • ✓ Is your current shoe size loose or tight?

    Running shoe brands often report the runners coming to buy new shoes wearing either tight or loose shoes. To pick up the right pair, we need to understand what happens to our feet when we run. Blood rushes to keep the feet moving and the feet swell up. The size you pick must be appropriate to keep your feet comfortable in this state too.

  • ✓ What is the terrain you are planning to run on?

    The running tracks may not be same for everyone. If you run on a concrete track or a treadmill, your feet and knees will receive more shocks rather than running on the grass. Pick up a shoe that has the right sole and right cushion to keep your feet and knees safe while you run.

  • ✓ How do you run?

    Your running gait is very important to find the right pair of running shoes. While running, your weight is concentrated on a certain point on the shoes, this is where the maximum cushion is required.The right pair of running shoe not only keep your feet fit to go the distance, but also adds momentum to your work out. With the right pair, you can run longer and better without feeling tired.

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